Thursday, January 29, 2009

So Georgia fired Felton huh?

Aiight, the last post was kinda depressing, I want something new up here, and I found this story interesting.

Georgia has fired their Basketball coach Dennis Felton, who coached at WKU before taking on the dogs. A less than stellar career there had him poised to get booted last season, but an improbable run through the SEC tournament kept him in seat for another season...well, the beginning of it at least.

You know who else made a coaching change recently? Alabama. They fired their coach too. I don't think the firing of these two coaches in proximity to each other is a coincidence. Let me share a little fact with you...

Tubby Smith will be coaching in the SEC next season.

Now the question is with who. Rumors had been going rampant that both Georgia and Alabama would look to Ol' Tubby next season for their coach. Both have a reasonable chance to land him too.

Georgia is Tubby's home. It's where he grew up, he knows the area. And to come back could be a cool little homecoming for him.

Alabama has CM Newton, the man who brought Tubby in to UK. It was after Newton left UK that relations went south for Tubby in the Bluegrass. Plus many believe that Bama is closer to being successful in the SEC and NCAA than Georgia.



  1. I didn't even know that we fired Felton!! I mean, it was a long time coming because our basketball team was, well, less than stellar....I wonder who we'll end up with next...It's a good thing that you keep up with this stuff because otherwise, I'd be behind on my own team's sports!

  2. Tubby already turned down the Bama job. As soon as Gottfried's paperwork was filed, they called Minnesota's AD to get permission, which they granted. Tubby told Bama that he respects the program but will not be going there. I didn't see that as his place, anyways. Now Georgia is a different story. I think he will stay in Minnesota, because he could run for governor right now, but him at Georgia would be a great reunion. I would like him in the SEC so he could stick it to moronic UK fans twice a season.