Monday, February 2, 2009

So there was this game last night...

And it was Awesome!!! Man what a great Super Bowl. I think my viewing experience was only enhanced by having a true Steelers fan with me, going nuts, yelling screaming, forcing others to cower in fear of this tiny little man. I love my friends!!

If only I would have recorded my prediction that I made on the air Saturday during my shift, in which I said...
"Steelers will jump out to a big lead in the first half...Then Arizona will come back late in the third, but the Steelers pull it out in the fourth."

Which is basically what happened, except it took the Cardinals a bit longer to come back then I predicted, but still, a great game. Just as good as last years, which I thought would be hard to top...


  1. I couldn't watch the game since I don't have cable, so instead I read Marx's "Germany Ideology." Seriously.

    I'll make more of an effort when the Bengals are in the game (aka-next year). Perfect season! Calling it now. Boom.

    PS-Check out my Top 10 List if you've yet to do so.

  2. I can confirm the prediction. I was totally listening.