Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So I woke up early this morning...

It's 7:30 AM, and I'm asleep in my bed. I had just stayed up till about 12:30 the night before welcoming new people to the joys of Gears of War and the Horde. Then, all of the sudden, I wake up. No reason, I do hear the garbage truck outside, but I've slept through that thing so many times. Nope, I just wake up. And when I wake up, the first thing that has to happen is a trip to the bathroom (there's the stuff you read this blog for!). Anyways, now I'm up, fully bathroomed, and I can't fall asleep again. I hate this. I only find one plus to all of this, I can now catch up on my shows that play on Tuesday night via the internets like I do each Wednesday. But guess what? None of them had an episode last night, because of all the stupid parties in Washington for the new President. Now I will support President Obama, and pray for him and such, but I'm already fed up with him, cuz now I have to wait another week for a new episode of Scrubs. Who watches coverage of a Presidential party anyway?

This new administration is already starting off on a bad foot.

That's all, nothing profound.

1 comment:

  1. Um...Daily Show and Colbert Report. Both had new episodes.

    Scrubs is still on?