Monday, February 9, 2009

So being sick sucks...

That's all I really wanted to's not even that I'm drastically sick, just got a severe head cold, which is still bad when you're a DJ and you need your voice. Not to mention I have to use hand sanitizer every 5 minutes cuz I blow my nose, then sanitize so I don't spread nothin'.

Here's to getting off the air soon, watching 24 (cuz a stupid head cold can't keep me away from Jack), and going home to some good ol' Nyquil.



  1. OMG i'm feelin it too dude. and i'm like.. us busy folk dont have time to be sick, ya know?! geez. but i was the same with the bachelor tonight, i wasn't about to miss it cause i'm sick! sooo... we've been living similar lives and we didn't even know it!!! haha

  2. I just got over that a few days ago (trendsetter...). The recent exploits of Jack Bauer are still unknown to me since I'm sans cable. I'll watch it on the interwebs tomorrow. Or Wednesday.

    FYI-My high school biology teacher warned my class against using too much antibacterial junk since your body needs some bacteria to build up immunity and whatnot. So put that in your thinkin' hole. Get well soon, Jerk!