Sunday, April 25, 2010

So get ready...So get reeaaadyyy!!

Couple things....

1. Went camping last weekend, and it was amazing! Did the whole hiking, pack what you gonna need type deal. Nature is kinda cool when you take some time to hang out with it.

2. Couple of items on food stuff. First of all, Hardees, don't throw a burger in my face and tell me its a grilled cheese. Granted, it's probably delicious, and may be fixed similar to a grilled cheese. But that bad boy is a burger, aint no way around it. Second of all, KFC, don't charge me 8 bucks for a combo with a sandwich that ain't even that great. Yes, it's a lot of chicken, but not enough bacon (for my taste), and the fact that it's frickin 8 bucks for a sandwich and some tater wedges. Ben Carr said it best, it's the double let down.

3rd of all, I'M COMING TO CHATTANOOGA!!! Looking forward to this coming weekend. Drexel and Matt getting married, I'm gonna be there, lot of other camp peeps too as well. Looking forward to it. Need a place to crash though....

1 comment:

  1. The Colonel's Sauce is what kills the Double Down for me. Thankfully I got mine on the side so I only ruined a bite. Otherwise, I thought the ratios were just fine.