Saturday, May 29, 2010

So I've been kinda lazy....

Again, about a month, a little more than that I guess... since the last post. Guess I never think my life is all that interesting. And that's the problem...more on that a little later.

Since last time, I've missed 2 weddings, one due to car trouble (had to get a new radiator) and one because of poor planning on my part. It is the wedding season, so I'm sure I'll get to witness the truly beautiful moment of a man and woman coming together as husband and wife, pledging themselves to one another, and bringing God into it too. I think it's cool.

My baby nephew just keeps on growin' he's freakin huge by the pictures I'm seeing, and I finally get to hold the hoss in a couple of weeks for a family reunion. (Though he might have to hold me by that time, I'm telling you, he's big)

Lot of changes at Fruit of the Loom, people leaving for new positions has left me the second most experienced person in the CAC. The big perk is I get to work 7am to 4pm each day, and won't do that late shift ever again (no more conflicts with CFR). Facing no traffic coming in to work and coming home is also nice. Still working on getting up for a 7 am workday, but I'll get there.

One really great thing I've been doing is a little thing called Men's Fraternity. It's through my church, Hillvue Heights, and we're working on finding out what it truly means to be a man, and more importantly, a Godly man. We meet twice a week, we watch a video of a speaker, and then we break into small groups to discuss. The leader of it all asked me to be a small group leader, and it's been great. Most of the groups have a commonality among them (there's a married/engaged group, an old man group, and a fresh out of college group.) and then there's my group, the leftovers. At first, I didn't know how this was gonna work out, but I love these guys, and look forward to seeing them whenever we meet. We're finally starting to break down the privacy walls and open up a bit, and it's good to know there are brothers around you to pick you up.

Pastor Eric (the dude in charge) also gives us stuff to read in between each meeting, and the latest reading was a booklet by Mark Driscoll called "Porn Again Christian" that is a frank discussion about pornography and masturbation. Mark goes for the kill, and it really convicted me on a lot of things, one major thing is that I'm incredibly lazy. Mark was answering questions that he's been asked over the years, and he made the general statement that if one is struggling with lust and the things that lust brings, then that person probably isn't meant to be alone, and should prepare themselves to be married. Now, in no way is he saying someone should get married just to have sex, but is taking a little truth from Paul that we shouldn't burn with desire outside of marriage. A constant theme in the paper, and in a lot of what Pastor Eric says during Men's Fraternity, is that we constantly look for the lazy way out. I do all the time. I just spent a whole week coming home at 4, and what did I do? Sit on my couch for 3 hours, watch TV, and get on facebook, then head to the station, come home, go to bed. My life is boring because I'm lazy. My room is a mess because I'm lazy. I'm a big fatty because I'm lazy. I'm alone because I'm lazy. When it came to dating recently, I hadn't really worried about it, because I just didn't see anyone worth pursuing. That's just being lazy. Since I wasn't out to impress nobody, I've stopped working out, stopped putting myself out there, stopped living life in most ways. And I would just use work as an excuse. How lame is that? And the sad thing is, there are so many guys out there doing the exact same thing. Good, Godly guys who are just sitting back and letting life pass them by. I've whined on this blog about how I pictured my life to be so different from what I'm actually living, and you know why? Cuz I'm lazy. Now it's time for action, I'm starting the Insanity workout program Monday. It's gonna be hard, but I will not quit. I'm officially preparing myself to get married, instead of complaining about lack of options. I'm gonna put myself out there more, like I used to. I can sleep when I'm dead.

Music note: Jimmy Needham's new album, "Nightlights" is out now. From what I've listened to, it's pretty good. He has a cover of "How Sweet it Is" that is really good. Check it.

Until next time...

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