Saturday, March 20, 2010

So I got a taste....

A taste of what it's like to have one job...I gotta say, it's pretty nice. Here's how it went down.

I was scheduled to be on call this week at fruit. Meaning I pack a laptop around and could get a call at any time. And I don't want my DJin to suffer whilst I wonder if I'm gonna get a call, so I got my boy Randall to fill in for me. I hope he had fun with it. Then, after I got Randall to fill in, one of the dudes needed someone to take his weekend of on call last weekend, so I agreed to it, and he agreed to take my week! So I just took a week off at CFR, and got to be home at 5 each night. It was nice. Can't wait for that to be an everyday type of thing. Anywhos....

This got me thinking a lot of all the stuff I really want to do...and how far I am from all that stuff. I turned 25 late February, and I thought I'd be a lot farther along at this point in life. That tends to be a theme with my life. So here's a short list of stuff I thought about this week.

- I really wanna go and visit my brother in Pennsylvania. Him and his wife just had a baby, and he is frickin huge, and growing more and more each day. I wanna visit real bad, and hold that baby.
-I really want to visit all the peeps down in Chattanooga. It has been way too long since I've journeyed to the nooge, and I reckon it's about time I head down to see it. Of course, with all the people I would want to visit, I might have to take a full week off work and head down.
-I really want to have just one job. It stinks that now that I'm at Fruit, which is a great opportunity for most, just does not seem like a career move for me. It's a great place to work, I like the people I work with, but I will be surprised if I'm there for more than a year. I hope Ben isn't reading this...
-I really want to work in radio full time. Or sports. Preferably sports radio. Or just something that combines this passion that I have with a career I can see myself in long term.
-I really want a family of my own. This is way down the road, as I don't see myself dating anytime soon. Maybe because...
-I really want to lose weight. I'm a fatty, nuff said.
-I really want to learn music. I have a guitar that I cannot play, I think a well played piano is beautiful, and I think music is the single greatest way to worship my God. Not that I'm great at singing, but I'd enjoy it more if I could play a little diddy with it. Lack of time will probably prevent this one from happening.
-I really want to move. Wow, I just wrote that. BG is great, it has been awesome for me, and if I stay here, I won't be bad off, but I think things are starting to get stale here, I feel kinda stagnant.

I guess that's all my whining for now. Joining a men's group at Hillvue, which will be really awesome. Learnin how to be a real man of God, which I'm sure I've got no clue on. Oh, and the jerk is coming to visit apparently, that should be fun....I guess....

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  1. 1 - What do you mean you can't play that guitar? I spent hours teaching you the D chord. You should be able to rock it. (Interesting note: The D chord is all you need to play "(I Was Drunk at the) Pulpit" by Palace Brothers. Since I know you'd love to hear it, I'll just play it for you via iTunes when I get to BG.)

    2 - I'm an unbiased party and all, but that Jerk fellow sounds pretty cool. An upstanding citizen and all-around philanthropist, I'd venture. You should probably buy him some pancakes.

    3 - Sorry about calling while you were at work. I keep forgetting that you have an honest-to-goodness job that precludes you from screwing around at my whim.