Monday, February 15, 2010

So I've been thinkin....

First off, I'M AN UNCLE!!!! In case you didn't see my facebook. Elijah Jamison Brunk was born Thursday February 4th at around 9:30pm ET. Biggest Brunk baby ever at 10 lb 5 oz. My brother and I were both around 7 lbs when we were born....

Aiight, now a Super Bowl Recap...
- Chicken Fried Bacon = delicious (Reilly, I'm makin you a batch when I come to visit)
- Hamburger balls did not work out so well, but still tasty cuz it's wrapped in crescent roll.
- Veggie Pizza = FAIL. Next time (though there won't be one) leave celery out.
- Maybe I shouldn't make so much food, I'm STILL eating leftovers (though a plus...I'm STILL eating leftovers!)
- oh, and the Saints won, making me wrong, but it was a great game....

Now back to the first point. My brother has Skype, and that is about the only way I'm gonna get to see my little baby nephew live in living color for a I'm thinking about picking me up a webcam and signing up.

I know some of yall got the Skype too, so...
1. Is it worth it?
2. What's a good webcam to get?
3. You know you wanna talk to Joe Brunk on Skype right?

That is all....


  1. You're nephew's a hoss. Seriously. That's a big baby.

    I don't do the Skype thing because I'm not a big fan of "people" or "conversing with them," so I'm no help there. Or really anywhere as far as this post in concerned. I have just wasted your time.

    Also, I'm thinking about hitting the BG for a bit during my spring break (Mar. 19-28). Thoughts, opinions, or any dietary requirements about this?

  2. Dang!!! I was 9 lbs. 14 oz. and I thought that was pretty hefty! And yes, get skype!!! I just got it about a month ago and I love it! I love will love it even more when Kirby has her little girl and I get so see her grow up over skype since I don't get to go down to Atlanta too much. So, yes, yes yes!! And I got a great deal for one at Target for around $20...just make sure when you get one, that it has a built in microphone because not all of them do! Just fyi.

  3. Over a month again...update.

    Might I suggest your topic be the upcoming visit of a really cool guy. Maybe this really cool guy could be tall and have a beard. I don't know. Just throwing some things out. Brainstorming. Trying to help...