Wednesday, December 9, 2009

So I would be upset....

Alright, I have to rant about sports, but hold on tight, I have advice for all (non sports related) at the end...

Imagine, if you will (and you will), that you're a football team who never gets a shot to be truly great, or at least, never to be recognized as great, because you're not in an elite conference. You schedule outside your mind, getting any BCS school to play you, but they won't because they are afraid to lose. You go undefeated, and because there are others who are undefeated, you accept the fact that you won't play for the national championship, but at least you'll get to prove yourself against a traditional powerhouse right? Wrong, you're put up against the only other non BCS school in the BCS bowls, and the same team you beat last year in the Poinsettia Bowl....

Welcome to the life of TCU. Now many might say, "What about Utah last year?" True, given their performance last year in the Sugar Bowl, maybe they did get shafted out of the Championship. But at least they got to prove themselves against Alabama. Don't get me wrong, I think TCU/Boise State could be a great game, but at the end of the day, the winner proves nothing...the BCS wins again. Can't Obama at least come through on one promise and get us a playoff?

Knowing that's not a possibility, here's my suggestion....
Put #1 and #2 in BCS in the Championship (check)
Go ahead and let Pac 10 and Big 10 Champ have the Rose Bowl (they're not giving it up anyway)
Throw the rest in a pool, get rid of any league ties to bowl games, and have ourselves a draft!! You could even make a TV special out of it (I'd watch it). That way, we at least have a shot for these "little schools that can" prove their worth.

That all being said, I think all the BCS bowls have some worth and wathchability, even Iowa vs. Georgia Tech. I just wish we weren't stuck in tradition so much....

Alright, out of my's Christmas season, we're playing all Christmas music here at CFR, so you should, some Christmas music you should check out....

- Coffey - "Joy Joy Joy, Joy to the World"
- Israel Houghton - "With us"
- Barlow Girl put out a Christmas album, called "Home for Christmas" lots of good stuff on it.
- Downhere - "Gift Carol"
- Brandon Heath - "Night Before Christmas"

And in a non-Christmas note, you SHOULD check out Needtobreathe's "The Outsiders" album. No joke. A top 5 CD of all time for me.

There, the gift of music, you've been served...

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  1. "The Outsiders" impressions:

    -I like the opening because it reminds me of Sufjan (as far as the banjo part is concerned). From there it becomes more generic.
    -The "Lay 'Em Down" track is catchy, but the stomp/clap it employs reminds me of that band The Welcome Wagon that I recommended to you a while back, specifically their song "But for You Who Fear My Name."
    -"Prisoner": Catchy.
    -"Girl Named Tennessee": The real electric slide guitar better take over for the singer's ersatz version of it or so help me...Hey! Clapping!...It still hasn't ta--Whistling!!!
    -The plethora of "O-ohs" on "Something Beautiful" are getting to me. It reminds me of a song from The Mars Volta album "Frances the Mute" except this guy's range is much lower than Cedric Bixler Zavala's, so it doesn't sound as cool. Plus it's done much more often. Once maybe, sure. But every chorus?
    -The melody of the verses on "Let Us Love" sounds a lot like Bryan Adams' "Summer of '69." But I like the shouted response to the choragus of the group by the rest of the band in the chorus portion. Plus, more clapping!

    Overall: Not a bad album. It has some catchy ditties, but I don't see it as top 5 material (like I could ever pick a top 5 anyway). Yet again we don't see eye to eye. Oh well. We'll always have Girl Talk.

    PS-Two posts in two days?! Slow down or you might pull something.