Saturday, March 7, 2009

So that was quick....

Drew Rosenhaus said last week that there were PLENTY of teams that would want TO after he was cut by the Cowboys. So the news comes that TO is visiting Buffalo. The Bills? Really? And then...

HE SIGNS?!?!?!? With the Bills?!?!!?? Really?!?!?!!?! One year, 6.5 mil.

So, when TO was on the market, here was the checklist for a team to be successful with TO...

A QB who has a strong arm and leadership.

A Coach who can handle TO's locker room antics.

The need for a wide receiver.

Let's go through this checklist with the Bills, shall we?

Need for a wide receiver? Check, they got Lee Evans, he's quick, but not a #1.

A QB with a strong arm and leadership? JP Losman? Trent Edwards? Hmmm, no check.

A coach who can handle TO's locker room antics? Dick Jauron? Defense maybe. Plus it's not like he's kept the locker room in check. Marshawn Lynch is in some legal trouble as well. Hmmm, no check.


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  1. TO is a joke. This just goes to prove that ut of 32 teams, not a one wants him. Not even Washington and they want everyone!