Thursday, May 14, 2009

So it's been a while since I've written anything substantial....

So let's fix that, shall we???

- Anybody notice that all Michael W. Smith songs sound alike? I can't tell what his new stuff is...

- I got to go home to Booneville for Mother's Day. That was awesome. I love my Momma, and the Old Man, while he was sick, is good to see as well. I think I also have this realization that even though Booneville has some nice people, and growing up there has partly made me who I am today, I could NEVER move back there. I just couldn't. Even with the new golf course there, which is nice, any golfers reading this need to come with me and check it out....

- I've started working at Beech Bend Park, and it's not that bad. I'm working a ride called the "Flying Bobs" and I talk in a microphone throughout the day. Right now it's really slow, so it gets boring at times, and it's rained a lot, so I haven't made a whole lot of money, cuz I get sent home early. But as the summer comes and we're open everyday, I'm gonna be running around a lot more, get really worn out, maybe lose some of the weight that I need to, and make a little more money. Still wish I was heading back to camp though. Them Flying Bobs will never compare to "The Bob" and that's all there is to it.

- I hate having those days where I wonder what the crap I'm doing with my life, but they are becoming more prevalent. Don't get me wrong, I ain't above working at an amusement park, but it's over basically in August, when we go back to weekend duty. Why can't a brother find a job? To be honest, I had two moments in my life since camp that I thought I saw the grand plan, and then neither really happened. I really thought something might be happening at CFR, especially with the Evening Cafe opening up. But the funds just aren't there. And then I really thought God was just keeping me outta work to make it easier to pack up and head to CVP and work year round, but that was a one time conversation that didn't amount to anything significant, and then never mentioned again. So I don't know what the crap is going on. Nor do I try to figure it out. I just have to continue to trust, continue to build toward His kingdom, and continue to know that I serve a God that knows so much more than me, it's not even funny.

- Oh yeah, and everyone in Booneville wants to know when I'm getting married....ha.

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  1. Joe si you read my blog you see that I understand you more than anyone. Workin crappy jobs just makes you feel like a loser. I hate when people tell you "oh it will work out in God's time". yeah their right, but it doesn't make you feel any better. I could have had a job in teh special ed room with my pastor's wife as an aide but instead of asking her or 2 other people in there that I have nto only worked with a million times but know me from church..they hire someone that probably never even subbed before. She is a coach wife from LHS where teh new principal was once a coach. POlitics! I never even knew about the job until they already hired the lady. i doubt she even had an interview.
    So i understand that though me and you would be teh best workers anyone could ever have, we still get the shaft. i feel you brother. And we're wanting to start a family but i can't get a job without a preggo belly. they definitly wont hire me with then my life is on hold again.
    as far as you getting married i don't know. I wish I could make up the perfect person for you and just mail her to you,hehe. THAT will happen in due time,hehe. People alwasy want something. If your not married thenyou should be and if your marreid without kids then you need to have kids. the masses are never satisfied,hehe. Hang in the though joe and know that your not in the boay alone on the job thing.