Wednesday, April 1, 2009

So that was quick...again...

Let's run down the timeline shall we?

Last Wednesday - UK loses to Notre Dame, effectively ending their season.

Thursday - Rumors run rampant about Billy G's departure, WHAS out of Louisville reports he is gone.

Friday - WHAS's report comes true, as Billy G is let go. The state of UK basketball turns its eyes on Billy Donovan, who has always been the man UK has dice.

Sunday - UK officials meet with John Calipari after his Memphis team loses in the Sweet 16 to Missouri.

Monday - Calipari sleeps on offer from UK.

Tuesday - Calipari accepts offer to become the next coach at UK.

Today - Official press conference, and several April Fool's stories including Rick Pitino working the back channels to reclaim the job at UK, and send Calipari back to Memphis.

Now, I will always feel bummed that UK didn't give Billy G one more year, he had some good recruits coming in next year....BUT UK did make the best hire. Knocked this one out of the park. Best case scenario, all his Memphis recruits (3 of the top 6 in the country, and others) come to UK, and they become a top 10 team in the country with final four aspirations. Worst case scenario, it takes a couple of years, and UK gets back in the spotlight for a while. Really interested in how the recruiting wars will pan themselves out in the next couple of weeks.

Oh yeah, UK/UL rivalry finally shows some signs of life again...

Oh yeah, Jimmy Needham concert tomorrow!!! WOOT!!! Turns out I may not be doing security, but I will be doing equipment set up, getting on stage before the concert, eating lunch and dinner with the Jimmy and Rush of Fools, and hanging out backstage during/after the concert!! It's gonna be a full/awesome day!! Hopefully I'll have some pictures or something....

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