Thursday, September 2, 2010

So fall is coming....

As a kid, summer is definitely the best season of school, sleeping in, swimmin, and good times for all. But that it's just stinkin hot all the time, and with no summer break, fall is definately the best. It cools down a bit, but it ain't cold, my allergies don't act up too much, and FOOTBALL IS BACK! This is how much I missed it, I'm watching South Carolina/Southern Miss play right now. Honestly, why should I even care about that? And SC is killing, and yet I keep watching...

Getting used to having evenings free, but I need to get back into the habit of working out directly after work, so that I get it done.

The Bowling Green Purples have dominated so far this season. Winning 52-0 week 1 and 66-0 the following week. Tomorrow night will be a little tougher, but I fully expect the Purples to come out on top again. Yall can tune in online at Pre-game starts at 6:45 central time, game at 7.

My Jeep is probably on it's last legs, maybe. Motor sucking up coolant into it. Still waiting to hear how much that is going to cost. Which reminds me, I never want to rent a car again. It's really stinkin expensive! I mean honestly, that stuff is redonk.

Music notes. Don't really listen to much Christian music these days....ummm....I'm glad Kris Allen finally put out a good song since he won Idol over a year ago (it's called "The Truth"). And I'm reminded how much I hate the song Mmmbop, cuz it made me hate Hanson at a young age, and now they actually put out good music. "Thinking about Something" gets stuck in my head all the time. But I don't really want to admit it, cuz these are the same boys who put out Mmmbop, and it makes me a little sick.

Fall also brings new shows and brings back shows I like, so that's cool.

That's all for now....

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